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Toy Story Buzz Light Year Space Ranger
Friday, 6 August 2010

Who is Buzz Light Year? 

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger is from the Intergalactic Alliance stationed in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4 From He is the captain of the Alliance's Team. Buzz is known for his bravery and courage and believes in following rules. That is the way life should be lived according to Buzz. 

Buzz Lightyear was first seen on Toy Story as a birthday gift for Andy. Buzz does not realize that he is a toy, believing he is the real Buzz Lightyear.  He also thinks that all of his equipment is fully functional, not realizing that his communicator is stuck on, his laser is a red light. With Buzz believing he is a real space ranger, Woody, Andy’s favourite toy trys to bring this confident ranger down to earth. 

Buzz is snapped into reality of being a toy after once he attempted to fly out Andy’s bedroom window resulting with him falling and leaving his arm broken off.  The clincher is Buzz seeing a Buzz Lightyear Action Figure TV commercial.

From all this imagination of a toy we get this wonderful fully featured action figure for our children that it comes with so many features. 

Buzz has over 65 sayings with original voice sound effects, some are……..I am Buzz Light Year Space Ranger!......Have you seen my space ship, ……Agh it will take years to repair it!......This galaxy needs my protection, who’s in charge here!......Hey this place looks familiar, have I been there before!......Hello my friend how are you today!

As Buzz goes into quite time you will hear him call out, Are you still there?  Hello anybody?  After being ignored………. Time for hyposleep!

He has dual play modes - Toy Buzz or interactive Space Ranger mode with "Talk Back" Communication. How cool is that!

Features include Pop out wings with retractable helmet, flip up wrist communicator and he comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Included 3 AA Batteries

Recommended for ages 4+

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