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Nerf Vulcan Toy is a Best Seller!
Tuesday, 19 July 2011
Prepare yourself for an exciting battle with Toy Guru’s Nerf N-Strike Vulcan! Now available at 40% off the original price!

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan is one fully automatic dart cannon with dart belts that feed automatically through the blaster. With its piston-powered internal launching system, the Nerf Vulcan fires up three darts per second, letting the stream of firepower continue as you battle your opponent!

The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan package comes with ammo box, folding tripod for easy transport, 25-dart belt and 25 micro darts ammo with instructions. Save $40 and get all these for only $59.95!

Among Nerf’s range of toys for the boys, the N-Strike Vulcan toy is probably one of the most popular Nerf Toys in the market. It has to be every boy’s dream toy gun. It is a safe weapon that gives enjoyment, adventure and action for both kids and adults alike!

Be the unstoppable force to reckon with the Nerf Vulcan, the largest full-auto Nerf Blaster! This toy deal only lasts for a limited time. So hurry and order now!

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