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Environmental Toys
Monday, 8 August 2011

Environmental toys are more commonly known as eco-friendly toys or “green toys”. Made from natural and safe materials, eco-friendly toys do not harm the environment. Toys that fall under this category are usually a top choice for many parents, especially those who are environmentally conscious and want to pass on their values to their kids.

Teaching kids the importance of caring for the environment can be easy if they are presented with environmental toys. These toys include wooden toys, natural fibre plush toys, unbleached dolls and non-battery operated toys.

Although there is nothing wrong with normal toys operated by batteries, they aren’t as beneficial to the environment as eco-friendly toys. Green toys are also manufactured and designed for zero environmental impact. This means that they can be safely washed without releasing harmful toxins because they don’t contain any chemically active materials.

For instance, Eco-friendly toys like Ecotronic are designed with the child’s safety and environmental impact in mind. Ecotronic toys enable kids to enjoy the benefits of the usual electronic toys minus the need for batteries. For older kids, environmental toys like Venture View are some of the best options. They help kids learn more about scientific concepts about the environment like solar energy, water energy and electricity.

Environmental toys are not very hard to find if you know where to look. One of the best online stops for eco-friendly options is Toy Guru, an online toy store in Australia that takes pride on their selection of environmental toys.

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