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Tuesday, 9 August 2011
Research has found that educational toys and games can considerably influence a child’s intelligence and learning skills.  In fact, kids who played with educational toys and games are said to have IQ scores that are 32-50 points higher than those who didn’t. That said, parents should actively get educational toys and games for their children instead of just the usual toys.

Learning can be incorporated into the usual playtime with the help of educational toys especially during the early years of a child’s life. Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and are eager to learn new things. Language toys that are colourful and talk or play music are most attractive for younger kids. Give them educational toys from the extensive collection of Playskool, Alex and Fisher Price educational toys and games.

As children get older, more educational toys and games become available for them. Puppets, colouring books, sketch pads, stacking toys, Hama beads, puzzles and many more are used to develop creativity, memory retention, mental skills and motor skills.

Learning does not stop as kids get older. It’s an endless process that continues well into adulthood. As such, even pre-teens and teenagers would enjoy and benefit from educational toys and educational games. For them, it’s best to get more complex toys that may require advanced skills. Examples of such educational skill toys are Checkers, Up Words, Chess, Rubik’s Cube and Venture View science toys.

Carefully selected educational toys and games can be powerful tools in early education and in a child’s learning processes. It’s easy to mistake toys as mere playthings that take up space in children’s bedrooms. However, the right set of toys could actually contribute to making children more emotionally stable and can hasten children’s learning abilities.

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