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The Neat-Oh! Story
Tuesday, 10 November 2009
The Neat-Oh! ZipBin Toy Box was inspired by the age old problem of messiness!  It took the creative thinking of a ten year old boy in Chicago to come up with one solution.

ZipBin toy storage boxes have evolved into a wonderful and easy way to store all that Lego and Safari replica animals that are available through Toy Guru.  The ZipBin Racer provides the added feature of turning into a backpack - a mother's dream!  All the kids see however is a racey red sports car with all their favourite toys stored away.

With over thirty design awards from around the globe, new Neat-Oh! ZipBin concepts and designs are never far away. will keep you abreast of new product lines as they appear from the Neat-Oh! design department in Chicago.


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