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Looking for the latest toy boxes, educational toys, toy releases, games, puzzles, trikes, scooters and more? Then don’t forget to bookmark us now – because is the only online toy store you’ll ever need!


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Razor Powerwing - Red & Black
This Razor Powerwing is in red and black and is powered by Ripstik technology. No Pushing needed with heart pumpin' side to side motion and slammin' 360 spins and sick sideways drifting. It's a unique three wheel design with foam grip, hand brake and welded steel frame and fork. This fun scooter also has 64mm polyurethane rear wheels. What a ride!
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The best selection of Dora the Explorer toys, furniture, figures and accessories can only be found at Australia’s leading online toy store, Toy Guru!

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There are toy boxes and there are toy boxes. Great for larger items, but where does all your Lego go?
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